Brando Productions



Technical Coaching

For some of our clients, meeting the daily demand for content requires hiring recently-graduated emerging talent onto their staff.  We are eager to create ongoing relationships to help maintain production value through customized on-site feedback, curriculum, budget-friendly equipment hacks, optimized workflows, and gear evaluation to develop the technical skills of your team for the long run.


Studio Audit

Daily video production often utilizes a fixed setup, tweaks are minimal and dependability is paramount.  As online video has exploded, overall production value has gone down.  We'll work with you on an annual basis to leverage limited budgets, emphasizing ease of use and optimized workflows to help bring your organization's AV communications to the next level.

Gear Advice

The world of technical A/V gathering, editing, and broadcast is constantly evolving.  Quality keeps going up, while prices drop, but there's often too much noise to compare the differences, let alone the ultimate implications for your final product.  We’ll work with you to translate your overall needs into cost effective equipment and the simple modifications that help you get the best product without breaking the bank.