Most commerical production houses will approach a 3-camera interview with a strategy that leads to an expansive crew of siloed specialists, causing the bottom line budget to explode.  My streamlined approach is based on my diverse production background.  With 5+ years working as a Gaffer and Grip/Electric I know how to rig safely while keeping an eye out for opportunies to help my clients stay under budget without having to sacrifice on production value.  Through careful planning and the curation of dynamic crew members who wear multiple hats, Brando Productions will help you to deliver the highest possible video content at premium cost.

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Initial questions to inform the pre-production conversation for multi-camera shoots:

  • Is the location interior or exterior, how is it oriented to the sun, and at what time(s) will the cameras be rolling?

  • How many people will be on camera at any given time?

  • How much time do we have from setup to rolltime?

  • Do we have access to chairs with varying heights?

  • Should the lavaliers being hidden or neatly dressed?

  • For multi-day shoots is there any onset security to enable us to leavre some equipment in place?