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I'm Brandon Neubauer, founder and principal at Brando Productions.  During my 20 years in the industry I’ve witnessed groundbreaking technical innovations and the disruption of traditional relationships between agencies, clients, and production houses.  Parallel to this evolution, the size of crews began to shrink with specific pressure placed on siloed specialists. My career has excelled in this environment because my passion for production led me to work across departments since the beginning.  I’m pleased to bring my network of collaborators together under one roof, delivering exceptional quality at an unmatched value. Take a look around and if you don't find what you need, or if you're ready to discuss your next project, shoot me an email:


Superior Production Value

Our team will work with you through each phase of production, adapting our strategy to best achieve your technical and creative goals.  Cultivated over two decades of industry experience, we have a deep understanding of the craft traditions in Camera, Audio, Grip/Electric, and Producing/Directing departments.  With this intimate knowledge of the parameters that impact the bottomline, we assemble a talented and nimble production crew tailored to each production. This strategy allows us to streamline creative image capture on location while delivering superior video assets in post-production.  We work with you to leverage your resources into production value you can see and understand, regardless of technical background.

Got a need for specialized pre/post-production services?  We follow a similar philosophy. A communications strategist may develop the script and visual strategy, and then advise the editing process as post-production supervisor.  Each member of our team is brought onto a project because they are empowered and expected to express themselves beyond the boundaries of their title, giving you the quality of a seasoned team at a value you can afford.



Let's do this!

A broad spectrum of video projects forms the bulk of our annual workload, with podcast production, equipment rental, and specialized consulting playing a supporting roll.  Ready to get started? Whether its a video project, podcast production, location audio-mixing, equipment rental, or consulting you seek, email us at to schedule a time for your free initial consultation.

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